Come to us and put aside worries when your Nikon camera or lenses                                              give problems...

  • Free repair estimate
  • Competence
  • Quick repair
  • Professionalism
  • Ensuring quality of service

Although operating recently in the field of photography cameras and lenses repair, we have the "know-how" on the subject of over 30 years.
You can count on us when that annoying fault that nobody wants or likes but which arise inevitably always ends up appearing...

And beyond reparations we also make modifications/changes!

That former Prime lenses while having a fantastic optics and that took some photographs that were your pride with your old analogue camera but can not make best use of it in your new DSLR...
The old Olympus lenses that are stowed at home in a corner and that your father took pictures when he was young and reviewing them perceives its quality, but unfortunately it is quite impossible to use in your Nikon digital camera because the mountings are completely different...
And many more similar cases...
So contact us and sure we will have an economically viable solution adapted to your case.

Nikon new products

New AF-S NIKKOR 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR

A Super Telephoto 800mm Nikon lens will not leave anyone indifferent. And also the price will not be for every budget! You must believe that will have to be well packed...

New Nikon Df

There are those who love, some that hate. However nobody is indifferent to this new DSLR from Nikon. See the camera, look at the features, if you can try it and decide for yourself!

You can download here our 2016 Price List.
Compare with what you are used to pay and see the diference.
Updated January the first 2016

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